Thimble Cactus – Mammillaria gracilis fragilis


Small plant perfect for miniature or fairy gardens

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The thimble cactus – Mammillaria gracilis [mam-mil-AR-ee-uh, GRASS-il-is] is an attractive succulent native to Central Mexico.

A highly prized cactus succulent among collectors and gardeners, mammillaria gracilis fragilis is loved for their desirable traits in cultivation, visually appealing appearance and are generally treated as houseplants.

These unique cacti are small in height, but since they grow in a cluster they add color and beauty to your garden experience.

While the bloom time of these succulents is summer, expect to see lovely and eye-catching yellow flowers in winter as well.

Besides being called thimble cactus, mammillaria gracilis is generally known by the common names:

  • Powder Puff
  • Powder Puff Pincushion

If kept in the right conditions, thimble cactus grows robustly.

It produces small, round-shaped offsets which form a cluster around the parent plant.

Densely covered in white, silky hair, the body of the plant has a broad appearance and usually a green/blue color.

This cactus looks like a powder puff, as the radial spines densely cover the small globe.

For those who know the art of growing cactus and succulents, they will find thimble cactus to be an easy plant to grow in a window with lots of sunlight and will definitely add this cactus plants in their wishlist of plants they want to grow.

A mature thimble cactus mammillaria is around 3″ to 5″ inches high and normally 3″ to 4″ inches in diameter.

For best results, provide plants with good airflow.