String of Bananas – Curio radicans



String of Bananas Plant is an adorable vining succulent plant because of its unusual banana-shaped, succulent and fleshy leaves. Its scientific name is Curio radicans. Its leaves look like a small banana. Hence this plant is also known as String of bananas. The stem of this plant is thick and less delicate as we have in a string of pearls succulent. Growing this plant needs is easier as compared to other string succulents. Being a spreading and vining plant, it is a perfect choice for hanging baskets or pots. This succulent plant is native to South Africa.

Normally, String of bananas plant can have string length grow up to 90 cm. The leaves of this plant has dark green colour. It looks like necklace with its leaves like a pendant. The best way to plant it in hanging basket or pot.

String of bananas succulent have small, white colored flowers once in a year (in late winter and early spring). The flowers of this succulent have a amazing cinnamon scent.

String of bananas needs bright light but does not require direct sunlight. It should be placed in partially shaded area. These plant are more tolerant to heat as compared to string of pearls. It can be placed indoors but require approximately 5-6 hours of light per day to grow.

The best temperature for this plant is ranging from 10° C – 18°C. This plant cannot tolerate extremes of hot or cold climate.

This succulent plant is well used in hanging pots. Some people prefers to use it as a office desks plants.

String of Bananas Plant Guide

The String of Bananas plant care includes the following points.

  • Light Requirements: This succulent needs bright indirect light. Place this plant in partial shade.
  • Water Requirements: This vining plant does not like too much water. Water this plant once it is completely dry but do not over water it. Water it once every 1-3 weeks depending upon whether condition.
  • Difficulty to grow: typically fast growth plant
  • Favourable Temperature: 10° C – 18°C
  • Soil Requirement: This plant need well-draining soil.
  • Fertilizer Requirement: This plant might get fertilized once a month in a month.
  • How to propagate: This is easy to propagate by stem cutting. Cut a small string from the plant and place it on top of the soil. After sometime the roots will develop and plant will start growing.

String of Bananas plant Care

  • String of bananas succulent has no disease problem but insects can affects its leaves. It can also be affected by Mealybugs.
  • Second thing to note is that don’t do over watering. Over watering may damage the plant as the probability of rotting roots increases. The best time to water the plant once it is completely dry.
  • Curio radicans plant needs indirect bright light. Please try to avoid placing this plant under direct sunlight as it can burn its leaves and damage the plant.