Silver Pig’s Ear – Cotyledon orbiculata


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Cotyledon orbiculata, commonly known as pig’s ear or round-leafed navel-wort, is a South African succulent plant belonging to the genus Cotyledon.

Pig’s ears are evergreen succulent perennials or shrubs growing to 100 cm tall, with simple, opposite, grey-green, oval leaves coated with a white wax and nodding, bell-shaped red, orange or yellow flowers borne in compact panicles borne on stems up to 70cm long, in late summer and autumn.

Cotyledon orbiculata is an extremely variable species that grows to approximately 1.3 m (4.3 ft) in height. It has gray-green leaves that can be up to 13 by 7 cm (5.1 by 2.8 in) with a white powdery substance on them that helps reflect sunlight and conserve water. The shape of the leaves was thought to have a resemblance to a pig’s ear, thus the common name.