Sedum Lucidum


Small Plant ± 10 cm

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Sedum lucidum grows as a small-scale ground-cover, branching and also making offsets from the base to form a clump which spreads outward over time. Great scrambler in the ground if soil is well-drained, especially trained over or around a rock. Its stems grow to about 20 cm in length and it makes an excellent plant for a hanging basket. Sedums is an easily grown succulent that can tolerate sun, shade, moist soils, dry soils, but looks its best only when given adequate light levels and water, and ideally should be grown outdoors in full sun. With its extreme drought resistance, S. lucidum needs only minimal care to reward you with its attractive texture.

Origin and Habitat: Maltrata and Acultzingo, Veracruz (Mexico, Northern America)
Altitude range: Around 1900-2000 metres above sea level
Habitat and ecology: It grows on Matorral xerófilo on north-facing granite outcrop.
Description: Sedum lucidum is a hairless perennial succulent shrub to 20 cm high and has distinctive rosettes of very fat, lustrous, green leaves edged in red in bright light. The other thick-leaved species of Sedum of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt have leaves which are glaucous or dull green. It produces pretty little white flowers in winter.
Stems: Erect to prostrate, up to 20(-45) cm long, 4-5 mm in diameter, reluctant to drop basal leaves, later naked, grey or reddish, green when young.
Roots: Fibrous.
Rosettes: Tight, at the end of stems, 5-4.5 cm across with ca. 19 leaves.