Pregnant Fairy – Pregnant Onion – Albuca bracteata




The appropriately named Pregnant Onion looks like an onion growing above the ground. The onion-like bulb grows at the base of the plant, and the long, thin, fleshy leaves grow and spread out the top. The “Pregnant” in her name presumably would be describing the pups that grow around the base of her bulb.

Common names: Pregnant Onion, False Sea Onion, Sea-onion, German Onion

The Pregnant Onion is a strikingly attractive succulent which is sought-after by collectors for its unusual appearance. This succulent can grow up to 90cm tall, most of this height includes the tall stem which are capped by small white fragrant flowers with green inner stripes.

This succulent is native to South Africa where it enjoys dry climates and thrives in full sun to part shade.