Moonshine Snake Plant


Well rooted plant ± 20 cm in height

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Dracaena Trifasciata, otherwise known as the moonshine snake plant, has quickly become a favorite amongst home gardeners due to its beautiful foliage and air purifying properties.

The Moonshine Snake Plant is a lovely addition to place in the bedroom, as it purifies the air and disperses oxygen at night, which may improve your quality of sleep.

Belonging to the succulent family, the Moonshine Snake Plant has unique, thick, upward stretching vertical leaves, and brings a peaceful ambiance to the room. This snake plant cultivar is native to the tropical region of West Africa.

Having very distinct, upright foliage, this Snake Plant has silvery-white spear-shaped leaves that make this plant appear to be bathing in the moonlight – the colors of the foliage shift from silvery-white to deep, emerald green and have a dark-green margin.

This very easy-to-care-for plant can tolerate a large variety of lighting conditions. Full sun or partial shade will be fine for this plant, but they need indirect light over direct sunlight. Do not allow too much intense sunlight to cast on your Moonshine Snake Plant, as the leaves will be quick to burn. If your plant becomes almost entirely dark green rather than silvery, it can indicate that your plant needs more light to flourish and keep its beautiful color, but it will continue to survive in low-light conditions.