Medusa’s Head – Euphorbia flanaganii


Small well rooted plant ± 15 cm

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What do Greek mythology and succulents have in common? A few unique succulents that are called ‘Medusa’s Head Euphorbias’, ‘Medusoid Euphorbias’, or ‘Snake-leaved Medusa Succulents’. These adorable plants were named this way because of their resemblance to Medusa, one of the three horrifying gorgons.

Despite being associated with a mythological being that can turn those who gaze upon her into stone, Medusa’s Head Euphorbias are very friendly, beautiful, and easy to grow.

Medusa’s Head Euphorbia plants are incredibly exotic and unique-looking succulents. Their halos of tentacles that radiate out of a hypnotizing central caudex make them fascinating and amazing showpieces in any home.

This type of plant belongs to the Euphorbia genus of plants, which is very large, including over 2,000 species. About 1,200 of these species are succulents that have bizarre and unique shapes, just like Medusa’s Head Euphorbia has.

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