Green Jelly Beans – Sedum Pachyphyllum


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Sedum pachyphyllum (Jelly Beans) is a small perennial bush forming or ground-hugging succulent up to 30 cm tall, with glaucous, light silvery green, jelly, bean-like leaves along short stems.

During the winter months, the tips of the leaves turn red and this is also the case if it is kept in the sun. It spreads over time by rooting stems and fallen leaves that easily take root to form a dense ground cover.

The flowers which bloom during the summer months and are yellow with tiny pure yellow petals. The Sepals are club-shaped and uneven and the stamens are short and stout.

Jelly Beans is an ornamental plant that is perfect for planting in gardens or in pots and also can be placed in containers on a window sill where the trailing plants will hang over the side.



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