Graptosedum ‘Bronze’




This succulent is an intergeneric hybrid resulting from the cross between Graptopetalum paraguayensis and Sedum stahlii.

Graptosedum ‘Bronze’, also known as Graptosedum ‘Alpenglow’ or Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’, is a small succulent with reddish-bronze leaves that whorl around the stem with those at the tip arranged in a rosette. It grows up to 15 cm tall and can spread or drape over a pot. Leaves are flat on the upper surface, keeled below, and up to 2.5 cm long. They remain somewhat persistent on the stem so that the rosette is usually subtended by several inches of older leaves. The terminal clusters of pinkish flower buds open to reveal the 4-petaled yellow flowers in spring.

How to Grow and Care

The rules for Graptopetalum care are similar to those for most succulents. All require lots of sunlight to look their best. They need gritty, porous soil with excellent drainage. Water regularly over summer, letting the soil dry out between waterings. Minimal water is required over winter. Overwatering is a cause of root rots, and the plant can get several pest infestations. Fertilize once during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to 1/4 strength.

Graptopetalums are generally easily propagated by seeds, leaf cuttings, or offsets. Any rosette that breaks off has the potential to root and start a new plant. Even a leaf that drops off will root below the parent plant and produce a new rosette quickly. The new plant feeds off the leaf until it shrivels and falls off. By then, the new little plant had rooted and sprouted new leaves.