Curly Jade – Ripple Jade – Crassula arborescens undulatifolia


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Crassula arborescens undulatifolia is commonly known as Ripple Jade, Curly Jade, Jitters Jade, or Silver Jade. It is one of the waviest of all the Jade Plants. Ripple Jade or Curly Jade is an attractive Jade with twisting, undulating blue-green leaves.

With a tight compact growth habit and thin waxy leaves it makes for the perfect contrast plant. When given room to grow, Ripple Jade will form a dense, mounding shrub up to 91 cm. Works well outdoors as a landscaping shrub in frost-free climates (Zones 10-11) as it is not cold hardy. Makes a great indoor plant in containers, just be sure it has access to indirect light.

Ripple Jade is very drought-tolerant, but it does need bright sunshine, well-draining soil and good drainage. Water deeply only when the soil is thoroughly dry and fertilized regularly for best results.

Crassula Arborescens undulatifolia – How To Care For Ripple Jade

Reaching up to 91 cm, this hard to kill succulent is a great variety for beginner plant parents. Ripple Jade plants make a charming addition to any home or office or outdoors in a flowerbed or pot.


Watering Crassulas

Succulents, including Crassula, store water in the plump leaves to survive drought. This plant does not have very high watering needs. Replicate its natural habitat by giving your Crassula a deep watering. Then, let the soil dry out completely before watering again.

Ripple Jade only needs minimal water during the winter. Remember, as with most succulents, less is more! If in doubt, be sure to use a moisture meter.


Light for your Crassula

Crassula Arborescens undulatifolia has moderate light needs and does well in filtered light, partial sun, bright indoor light or full sun once acclimated. While ‘Ripple Jade’ can tolerate partially shaded conditions, it will put on the best growth and coloration in bright sun.


Temperature for your Crassula

Ripple Jade Plants are not cold hardy. They do well in the ground or in a pot outside in warm or hot climates. Be sure to move your Crassula Arborescens undulatifolia inside when temperatures fall below -6.6°C. Allow indoor Ripple Jade Plants to get 4-5 hours of indirect sunlight in order to flourish.


Crassula Soil & Repotting

Well-draining soil is essential for keeping Crassulas happy. If your succulent is left sitting in water, it’s susceptible to rot and fungal diseases. Add pumice or perlite to the soil to help increase extra drainage and be sure to pick a pot with a drainage hole. I also like adding coarse sand with perlite to commercial potting soil for 2:1:1 ratio. Even when I use a commercial cactus soil mix I still add perlite for increased drainage.

Crassulas need to be repotted every few years to avoid compacted soil. Repot during the summer when the soil is dry. Start by gently brushing the soil off the roots. Inspect the roots for rot or other problems that are usually underground. Place in fresh well-draining soil and hold off on watering for a few days. This will allow the roots to get comfortable and heal from any damage during transfer.


Fertilize your Crassula

Fertilizer isn’t a priority with this plant. If you want to give it a try though, do so during the summer with succulent or cactus fertilizer. It should be liquid and balanced or low-nitrogen.


Crassula Toxicity

All Crassulas are generally toxic to dogs and cats. Keep away from small children just to be sure.