Cotyledon adscendens


Small plant ± 15 cm

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Cotyledon adscendens is a succulent shrub with erect to spreading branches.

The leaves are green with reddish margins in the upper half. They are flat, slightly concave, obovate to spatulate, up to 2.4 inches (6 cm) long, and up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide.

Cotyledons originate mostly in South Africa over a wide area, and up through the drier areas to the Arabian peninsular. They generally inhabit dry rocky areas, and some are only on cliff-faces such as Cotyledon pendens and Cotyledon papillaris. This would indicate their need for a well drained well light sunny or exposed area.

Some cotyledon leaves are Farinose (white powdery flour) or white or silver powder this helps to reflect the heat and light from the leaves in extremes of heat. Some leaves are quiet pubescent (small fine fur) such as Cotyledon tomentosa and its cultivars. a few are deciduous (lose their leaves) like Cotyledon paniculata in summer.

South Africa has winter rains and long hot dry summers. So watering is best in Autumn and Spring with a bit less water in winter. Cotyledons are very tolerant of drying out in Summer, but if given extra or good watering they will grow well at this time breaking their dormancy. Some Cotyledons are inclined to shed some or all of their leaves when stressed in summer.

Cotyledons are incredibly hardy, drought tolerant, and forgiving to grow, Just watch for too much water, a well drained mix is essential, many are easy to grow outside in the garden if the soil is well drained, they are considered mildly frost tolerant. Cotyledon leaves are mostly edged by a darker line especially near the tip of the leaves. these are often good contrasting colours.