Century Plant – Agave americana


Well rooted plant ± 25 cm in diameter

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Agave Americana, century plant or American aloe,  is a species of flowering plant native to Mexico, and the United States in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

It typically lives only 10 to 30 years. It has a spread around 1.8–3.0 m with gray-green leaves of 0.9–1.5 m long, each with a prickly margin and a heavy spike at the tip that can pierce deeply. Near the end of its life, the plant sends up a tall, branched stalk, laden with yellow blossoms that may reach a total height up to 8–9 m tall.

Agave Americana is cultivated as an ornamental plant for the large dramatic form of mature plants—for modernist, drought tolerant, and desert-style cactus gardens—among many planted settings. It is often used in hot climates and where drought conditions occur.

Agave Americana is beautiful focus plants for any succulent garden.

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