Campfire Crassula – Crassula capitella




The Campfire Crassula is a branching succulent with fleshy propeller-like leaves that mature from bright lime green to bright red. Leaves turn bright red if not over-watered and the plant receives direct sun for most of the day, during drought or in cold temperatures.
It has a prostrate habit, forming mats about 15 cm tall and up to a meter wide. It does best in partial sun and requires more shade in hotter inland sites
When grown in shade, the leaves are bright apple green for most of the year.
Although fairly drought tolerant, it requires occasional watering.
Spikes of insignificant white, star-shaped flowers are borne in summer and attract bees, butterflies and other tiny insects.
Works very well for hanging basket gardens.
Plant in full sun or partial shade.
Well-drained soil.
Prune after flowering.
Size: up to 20cm