Big Blue Chalk Sticks – Curio ficoides


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Curio ficoides was previously known as Senecio ficoides. It is commonly called Big Blue Chalksticks, after the leaves. This succulent is interesting as it grows in the winter and is dormant during the summer months.

Big Blue Chalksticks is a succulent perennial also known by the name Silver Senecio. Foliage is evergreen, silvery-grey to blue-green in colour and the finger-shaped, fleshy leaves are arranged oppositely.

Flowers are small and green-white to yellow in colour, these are produced in the summer. It has a spreading habit and typically forms short, dense mats.

It may be used as groundcover in mild climates, it’s half-hardy and can cope with temperatures as low as -7 degrees Celcius.

A good choice for planting in a rock or succulent garden and a water-wise choice as it can survive periods of dry weather. Grows well in dry, sandy soil that readily drains, in full or partial sun.