Congratulations to Mike Wyatt from Waterfall our Lucky Draw R 500 Gift Voucher Winner June 2022

Congratulations to Mike Wyatt from Waterfall KwaZulu-Natal our Lucky Draw R 500 Gift Voucher Winner June 2022.

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Hans-Joachim Schlieben, Succulent Collector Extraordinary

Hans-Joachim Schlieben

Hans-Joachim Schlieben

I remember as child, family visits to my uncle Hans-Joachim and his family in Pretoria. These visits would change my life forever. He had the most amazing plant collection and most of his property was converted to a giant terrarium with exotic plants, mostly succulents collected from all over the world. My plant and stamp collection hobbies started with uncle’s guidance while his wife our dear Aunt Klara started teaching us the basics of music. I was truly blessed with these great teachers guiding met at an early age.

Hans-Joachim Eberhardt Schlieben was born in Germany in 1902. Between 1930 and 1935 he collected plants in Tanzania and since 1955 in Southern Africa, on Madagascar, the Mascarenes, the Comoro Islands and the Seychelles. Almost 400 of the approximately 13 000 numbers which he has collected have been described as new.

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Hans-Joachim Schlieben





Will definitely buy again soon – Byron Boshoff

Just received my plants today, surprised at how quickly they arrived and how good they look. Very excited to get them growing. Thank you so much. Will definitely buy again soon.