We use The Courier Guy for delivery in South Africa at a cost of R 100.00 for a parcel up to 15kg to your doorstep.

It takes approximately 2 – 4 days to most destinations

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We price our plants based on how difficult they are for us to grow and maintain.
Some plants are fast growing and create many offsets so they are typically less expensive.
Others take much longer to grow or are not nearly as prolific, so we need to price them a little bit higher.

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Plant availability depends on a number of factors:

  1. Prolificacy of the plant – rare varieties are usually slower to propagate
  2. Plant growth / maturity – some plants grow much slower than others
  3. Product demand – some varieties sell out rapidly, and it takes time for us to grow more
  4. Season – plants generally grow slower and produce less in fall and winter
Category: General

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