Wonderful range and excellent service

On 14-Oct-21 6:51 PM, Tarquin wrote:
> Dear Rudi.
> Imagine my surprise when my succulents arrived yesterday morning less than 3 working days after my order was placed.
> Everything was in perfect condition, and I thank you for the freebies, especially the string-of-bananas which is now happily potted alongside my string-of-buttons.
> I am very glad I decided to use your services rather than any other online succulent shop. Wonderful range and excellent service.
> I am compiling my next order as we speak.
> Regards,
> Tarquin

What a lovely surprise….

Hi Rudi 😊
My order arrived today..
What a lovely surprise..I ordered about 6 plants.. received so much more.. thank u so much 💞 each plant so nice packaged.. opening each one was such a wonderful surprise 💞.
It’s people like u that make the world a better place.. thank u for your generosity..you just made my day.
Thanks again.🌵
Kind regards

Thanks you for the beautifully wrapped, healthy plants…

My plants arrived by 8.30 this morning. Thanks you for the beautifully wrapped, healthy plants and your generous free gifts you included for me. It’s raining here in Westville so will hopefully be able to plant them tomorrow!
I look forward to seeing them grow and flourish for me.
Regards, Bev.

Happy Customer

Goeie naand Rudi

Wil jou net bedank, ek het my plantjie ontvang en sommer al gister geplant.
Baie dankie ook vir die ekstra’s.
Waardeer jou moeite en sorg.
 Ek sal beslis weer bestel en sommer van my vriende ook vertel.

My order arrived today…

Hi there,
My order arrived today and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the beautiful healthy plants you sent me.
Thank you so much for the speed with which you processed the order and for the extra surprise cuttings enclosed.
It is always a pleasure doing business with you.

Excellent service!

Hi. Received my plants today. Thank you so much. Love them and the colours. Thank you again for the extra plants 💚🌵. Excellent service 👌🏻

Thank you for the excellent service

Good day
I would like to thank you for the excellent service and care given to wrapping the plants I ordered.
We are very excited to see our new plants grow along with our surprise gift succulent! I published a review on HelloPeter for you.
Thanks again!
Kind regards

Thank you for my awesome delivery today

Thank you for my awesome delivery today and for such a lovely surprise of a spekboom and some cute extra succulents. Off to go buy two big pots for my Agave Attenuatas. They are awesome. Thanks Rudi and team

Proud owner of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller!

I received my parcel. I am now a proud owner of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller! I am so happy!

You guys really gave me a birthday to remember. Thanks for the gift!

God bless you!


9 Sept 2020

Happy Client

Good Evening,

I received my Jade plant in order, thank you. Its beautiful.
I also want to thank you for the wonderful gift of other succulents.
Happy client,


On Mon, 31 Aug 2020, 14:57 SucculentShop

Thank you very much, Ive received them they look so great

Thank you very much, Ive received them they look so great – can’t wait to plant them and thank you for the extra succulent 🙂
Do you think they can live in the plastic like they are till Saturday as was only going to plant them then – or shall I take them out ?
I want to order more/other types of Stapelias when you have, I wanted the STapelia Gigantea but saw it was out of stock!
thanks & regards,

I’m absolutely happy with the contents

Hi, I just want to let you know that I received the parcel and I’m absolutely happy with the contents. Aswell as the extra goodies you added. I’m elated. Thanks a million and I will definitely be shopping at your store again.

God bless you and take your store from strength to strength!
On Fri, Jan 3, 2020, 10:10 AM Fahdia Palm

They have JUST arrived!!! Thank you so much!!

I’ve actually bought these in order to grow as the gel (I believe) is very good as a dewormer. It’s actually for a horse who was VERY ill with laminitis 2 yrs ago – we nearly lost her. I dont want her to relapse so we are weary about using ‘chemical’ dewormers.
You’ve just got yourself another very satisfied and regular customer 🙂 and I’ve already made a mention to a friend who is succulent mad!!
Kind regards,
Caron 🙂
On Mon, 08 Jun 2020, 08:20